Haton is an Italian brand with headquarters on Lake Garda, founded by two entrepreneurs who love fashion and Italian style, ambitious and reliable, capable of creating innovative, fashion and highly distinctive products.


Timeless classic design watches, with Swiss movement, crystal glass, all limited edition, embellished with refined leather straps made in Italy.

Tradition, innovation and performance, our watches combine Italian design with the Swiss movement.


Exclusive Sunglasses made in Italy 


Composed by nylon and carbon fiber

Highly resistant to stress-cracks

20% lighter than conventional materials

Memory flexible

Biologically compatible with the environment


Our mission is to create accessories with a strong identity and uncompromising quality.


Bracelets with selected natural stones with an exclusive design.

The watch for our brand becomes a trendy accessory to be worn on the wrist like a jewel to stand out and affirm its own style.